Samsung Gear 360 Camera (2017) First Impressions.....

It's just arrived, the new Samsung Gear 360 (2017) camera. I'll keep this blog short; I'm keen to rush out and take 360 degree photos and record in true 4K resolution video.

gear 360 pocketsize
Pocket Sized Samsung Gear 360 (2017)

The Samsung Gear 360 2017 camera has a great new design. It's lightweight (130g) easy to hold and much more practical to carry than the 2016 version which has a larger lens head and a detachable tripod. The 2017 version is smaller, the lens head and handle are built as one, the new design makes it more portable and it will easily fit into the pocket of your jeans so you can take it anywhere.

The handle can also be used as a stand with the help of a rubber ring (stabilisation ring) attached to the hand strap. There's also a standard tripod mount at the bottom of the handle.

The Gear 360 2017 is simple to use; there are three main function buttons, two on the side and a large record button on the front of the device just above the display screen:

  • Connection/Settings button
  • Power/Back button
  • Recording button

The Gear 360 (2017) is now also compatible with iPhone 7, 7+, 6S, 6S+, SE running iOS 10.0 or later which is great news as I use an iPhone. There are functional limitations when using with iOS devices. I currently use the iPhone 6, it's not listed amongst their compatible phones but it connects to the Gear 360 mobile app simply and so far works fine.  

Android and iOS devices require a mobile app, and PCs and Macs require the installation of software to work with the new Gear 360. Here is the link for the new PC desktop software Action Director and here are the PC requirements. Here is the link for the Gear 360 2017 Mac desktop software and here are the requirements for the software. The Gear 360 2017 app is free and available from the App store, search for Samsung Gear 360.

gear 360 app for iphoneThe new Gear 360 camera ships with it's very own protective pouch to keep the CMOS, 8.4 MP dual fisheye lenses scratch free. It looks quite cute in it's own mini sleeping bag! 

What are the Samsung Gear 360 2017 features?

4K video The dual 8.4MP cameras can shoot video at 24fps in 4096 x 2048.
Live streaming Live streaming footage can be shared live on social platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and Samsung VR as long as the Gear 360 is connected to a compatible smartphone or PC, and it supports streaming in quality up to 2K.
Improved compatibility In addition to the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, the Gear 360 also works with the S7 and S6 phones, along with the 2017 model A5 and A7. It also has iOS support, working with the iPhone 7, 6s, and SE, it also works with my iPhone 6 which is not one of the listed compatible phones. Windows and Mac computers also compatible.
Design The main spherical camera section is noticeably smaller with a built-in easy to grip vertical handle. The Gear 360 2017 has a white-and-grey finish.
Storage The Gear 360 2017 supports microSD cards up to 256GB, no built in storage.
Battery life Included battery is 1,160mAh. Up to 130-minute battery capacity when recording 2560 x 1280 @ 30 frames per second.
Connectivity You can connect the Gear 360 2017 to compatible devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, and USB 2.0 with a USB-C port.
Water and dust resistance IP53-certified resistance to both water and dust.

Buy the Samsung Gear 360 2017

If you want to buy the Samsung Gear 360 you can do so from Amazon In addition you might be interested in the Samsung Gear Gen 2Virtual Reality headset.

And Finally....

Photographs on this page taken with the Fujifilm X-E2.

My goal with the new Gear 360 camera is to capture moments in their entirety and achieve immersive documentary videos. I plan to also include some of the images in my next photo essay, I will post my results soon.

That's all from me for this post folks, feel free to share and comment........

Tracey (Sunday - in my studio in Wales, listening to soul singer Matt Woods on Spotify).


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