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life-like creatures, hand crafted by sculptor Jon Grundon

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Broken Hare the makers of faux-taxidermy




Jon Grundon is a sculptor and the founder of Broken Hare. I recently had the privilege of visiting his workshop and meeting Jon and his father, John Senior. Together with Jon's wife Katherine they create faux taxidermy.

P H O T O G R A P H S  B Y  T R A C E Y  P A D D I S O N


Broken Hare Photo Essay

Broken Hare are based in Tudor Lane, Riverside, Cardiff, South Wales in the UK. Their workshop is full of curious creatures including unicorns, giraffes, zebras, gargoyles and the odd fox! Everything is hand-crafted and made in Wales.

Broken Hare
Broken Hare

They sculpt their animals in clay from reference photos, a silicon mould is taken and a reinforced plaster is cast, the faux skin and fur is then added to complete the work

Listen to Jon talk about Broken Hare, the creatures they create and some of the television programmes they have featured in; Doctor Who and Escape to the Chateau

Sculptor Jon Grundon talks about his faux taxidermy company Broken Hare

I've provided a transcript of Jon's interview helping people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. Please click on the link to view: Transcript

Broken Hare
Broken Hare

I've tried to capture some of the creative processes that go into making these faux animal heads and show some of the materials, tools and the workshop environment

Broken Hare

airbrushing markings on a faux giraffe

Broken Hare faux taxidermy

Jon paints the unicorn's eyes with a glaze which is essential for making this mythical creature appear realistic

Broken Hare faux taxidermy
Broken Hare faux taxidermy

Airbrush compressor

Broken Hare faux taxidermy

Unicorn horns

Broken Hare unicorn hair

Unicorn mane, taken with the Fujifilm X-T3, 35mm, f1.4

Broken Hare faux taxidermy

Mushroom and wood-chip cast

Broken Hare faux taxidermy

Adding flock to a faux zebra head to give a realistic finish

Broken Hare faux taxidermy

Please visit Broken Hare's website to learn more about their work
Follow Broken Hare on Instagram @brokenhare, Twitter @brokenhare and Facebook

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